Welcome Weekend Captains

Fiona Williams– Hall Captain


Welcome home, Wildcats! My name is Fiona Williams and I am so excited to be the first to welcome you to your new cool and fun home under the dome, Ryan Hall! I am a junior Neuroscience major and Sociology minor hailing from Glen Rock, New Jersey, located right outside of New York City. In Ryan, I help with Spiritual Life in ministering at mass and around campus I am an avid member of the Student Union Board (SUB) working with the AnTostal committee, volunteer with Habitat for Humanity and Memorial Hospital, and work in a research lab over at Harper Cancer Research Institute. I spent this past summer on campus doing research in my lab because why would you ever want to leave Notre Dame?! Whenever I find a free minute, I love to play tennis, read, eat copious amounts of cereal, and complete Sudoku puzzles. I’m always down to hang out and have a dance party, so just hit me up whenever! Welcome to the best hall of them all- we are blessed to have you.

Terese Schomogyi– Jr. Hall Captain


Hey hey hey Wildcats, welcome to the greatest home under the dome! My name is Terese Schomogyi and I’m a sophomore Political Science major and Sustainability minor. I’m also in the Glynn Family Honors Program. As much as I love Notre Dame and Ryan Hall, my true home is Tacoma, Washington, a city just south of Seattle (if you ever want to talk about mountains, how awesome rain is, and/or the West coast best coast, I’m your girl.) I stayed in South Bend for most of this past summer to work as a small group mentor for ND Vision, a series of theology and faith conferences for high schoolers. Around campus, I work at the phone center and as a tour guide, and I also participate the Center for Social Concerns’ immersion seminars. You can catch me in Ryan at Hall Council on Tuesdays, where I serve as secretary. When I have extra time, I love reading, running and practicing yoga, and drinking copious amounts of coffee (it’s a healthy addiction, right?). Come hang with me anytime – my door is always open to you! So hyped to meet you friends!! Go ‘Cats, go Irish!

The Welcome Weekend Captains will be joined by a staff of amazing ambassadors who all can’t wait to meet you and welcome you all into your new home!