‘Cats in Charge


Liz Palmer

Picture, Liz PHello, Wildcats! My name is Liz and I am new to Ryan Hall this year. I could not be more thrilled to be sharing home with you. I am originally from Grand Blanc, Michigan. There I was raised by my mom and spent most days hanging with my twin sister–having a built-in companion was the best way to grow up. South Bend claimed my heart when I attended Saint Mary’s College for my undergraduate education. Simultaneous with my studies in Biology and Psychology, you could find me in the pool as a Varsity Athlete or in the campus chapels with the Campus Ministry crowd. I had the privilege of studying abroad for a semester in Maynooth, Ireland during my Sophomore year which ignited a deep desire to see and serve our world. That wanderlust continued when I graduated. I spent time conducting scuba diving research off the coast of Little Corn Island, Nicaragua (I also bartended at night). When I had to ditch my scuba gear, I came back to Saint Mary’s and taught biology laboratories including Anatomy and Physiology. I loved science, but my soul yearned for more and my discernment led me towards a different path. After travelling to Rwanda, Africa in recognition of 20 years post genocide, I was certain that I needed to pursue my faith. I felt called to study ministry and spent the last three years achieving my Master of Divinity Degree at Loyola University Chicago. While there, I served as a graduate assistant for Loyola’s Campus Ministry Retreat Program. Each summer I traveled to Ghana, Africa to serve alongside the Sisters of the Holy Cross at their school, Our Lady of Holy Cross. I also spent time in Nairobi working as a hospital chaplain in a Kenyan burn ward. These experiences have indefinitely shaped me while motivating me to grow in Holy Cross Spirituality. I learned about solidarity and my passion for people which is ultimately what led me to dedicating the past year to Saint Mary’s College as Hall Director of Holy Cross and Opus Halls. I am excited to make the jump across the street to learn from a new community of women, embrace the traditions of Ryan Hall, and actively listen to your stories. I am honored to be your rector. Ryan Go Bragh!

Assistant Rectors: 

Grace Nickels

grace n



Hi Ladies! My name is Grace Nickels and I am thrilled to serve as one of your Assistant Rectors in Ryan Hall! I am originally from Clarendon Hills, Illinois and currently a law student here at Notre Dame. I completed my undergraduate studies at Notre Dame as well, with a major in American Studies and minors in Business Economics and Gender Studies. I love this campus and am blessed to still be able to call this school my home!

When I’m not at the law school, you can find me reading, watching a good Netflix documentary, or baking—I look forward to baking (and eating) some delicious treats with all of you and FJ. Feel free to reach out to me at gnickels@nd.edu. I cannot wait to welcome you all to Ryan Hall, and I know that it will be a great year! Know that I am very grateful for the opportunity to meet each of you and walk with the women of Ryan. Go ‘Cats!


Cecilia Pesavento 



Hello ladies of Ryan Hall! My name is Cecilia Pesavento, and I’m from Columbus, Ohio. I am a dual degree Bachelor of Science-MBA student, so I actually have the privilege to study at ND for 5 years as I take both pre-med and business classes. Here at Notre Dame I served as an RA for the women of Pasquerilla East, sang in the Basilica every Sunday with the Liturgical Choir, cheered the track and cross country teams on to many victories as a team manager, and volunteered weekly with local doctors at the Sister Maura Brannick Health Center. I will keep up some of these activities as I join the Ryan community next year, and learn and transition to some new ones instead, and I cannot wait to explore those will all of you.

I cannot wait to learn about each of you, or share favorite memories of my experiences at ND or my recent trip to Italy (see picture!). I am a coffee fanatic, love discovering new restaurants our city has to offer, and can be found running all over South Bend exploring new routes and paths, so please reach out any time to grab a cup, join me for a bite, or head for a walk or a jog around campus and we can get the conversation started!

Resident Assitants:

Grace Seibert – 1A (Rooms 100-132)


Hi fgraceriends!! My name is Grace Seibert and I am incredibly eager and grateful to be serving as an RA next year. I’m from Madison, Wisconsin and have a dog, Farley, named after the dorm (don’t worry, his middle name is Ryan). I have loved Notre Dame, but my favorite part has been being a part of the Ryan Hall community, where I have received unending support, laughs, and friendship. My favorite Ryan event is coffeehouse on Thursday mornings in our rector’s room where people can hang out while drinking coffee before class. It’s such a great way to start the day and I always feel so refreshed after! I studied abroad in Puebla, Mexico in Fall 2017 and enjoyed every minute, but I definitely missed living in community with all 250 of you guys! I’m a Neuroscience and Behavior major in the College of Arts and Letters with a minor in Latino Studies, and after graduation I hope to do a year of service before going to medical school. I’m particularly interested in public health and hope to incorporate that into my future as a doctor! In Ryan, I have been a junior commissioner, secretary, and committee chair. Around campus, I am involved in Timmy Global Health, a global health organization that expands access to healthcare and empowers students to tackle today’s most pressing global health challenges. I also work as a research assistant in the Infant Studies Lab. In my free time, I like to walk around the lakes, read books, drink tea, and talk about how much I loved study abroad. I am so appreciative of this opportunity to walk with you all next year in whatever way you need. If you ever have questions about anything, want to chat, or are looking for tea, my door is always open. Also please feel free to reach out to me at gseibert@nd.edu this summer to introduce yourself or ask any questions you might have. I can’t wait to meet you all in August!! Go ‘Cats! Go Irish!


Fiona Williams – 1B (Rooms 135-163)



Welcome home, Wildcats! My name is Fiona Williams and I am beyond excited and blessed to have the privilege of serving as an RA in Ryan Hall this year. I hail from Glen Rock, New Jersey right outside New York City but have been proud to call Ryan Hall my home for the past three years. Here at ND, I am a Neuroscience major and Sociology minor, with plans to go to medical school post-grad. Last spring, I spent the semester studying abroad in Dublin, Ireland and had an incredible time adventuring and learning! Around campus, I am an avid member of the Student Union Board (SUB) working with the AnTostal and Movies committees, work in a research lab over at Harper Cancer Research Institute, and love getting involved in all things Campus Ministry both outside Ryan and within the hall at mass. Whenever I find a free minute, I love to play tennis, read, eat copious amounts of ice cream and cereal, and sit for a nice tea/coffee and chat. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out, plus I’d love to get to know you (fwillia1@nd.edu)! I am so excited to meet you, Ryan Go Bragh!


Darcy Dehais – 2A (Rooms 200-232)


darcyHi, wildcats! I’m Darcy, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve you as an RA! I am from just outside Kansas City (go ‘yals!), and I’m majoring in American Studies with minors in Journalism, Ethics & Democracy (JED) and Catholic Social Tradition. Last spring I was studying abroad in Rome, Italy, but when I’m back at home in Ryan I’ve served as a sacristan for our hall Masses and as a photography commissioner. I also play on several of our interhall sports teams, filling a key role as benchwarmer and intimidating the competition with my staggering 5’2 stature. Around campus you can find me working as a writing intern for the Institute for Global Investing in Mendoza or filming ND sports games for Fighting Irish Media. Some of my other hobbies include eating ice cream at SDH, avoiding the library, completing crossword puzzles with friends, and having my heart broken by the Notre Dame football team.I am so, so excited to be an RA in the best dorm on campus and to grow alongside you all next year! My favorite part about living in Ryan is undoubtedly getting to know all the wonderful women that make this community so amazing. Please feel free to reach out to me at ddehais@nd.edu if you want to chat about anything or just introduce yourself!


Mary Carroll – 2B (Rooms 235-263)


Hello Wildcats! I’m Mary Carroll and I am PUMPED to welcome you to Notre Dame and serve as a RA next year in Ryan Hall, the best dorm on campus. As a Rhode Island native, I love all things nautical and will gladly tell you about the smallest statein the nation. All three of my siblings have attended Notre Dame and our dog is named Rudy, so I am so happy to be able to share my love of ND with some of the people I love most! I’m studying political science + economics and love learning and asking questions. On campus, I have been involved with NDVotes, worked with Student Government, and participated in many seminars with the Center for Social Concerns. But…my favorite activity I am involved with is definitely baking at FJ’s. (Father Joe, aka FJ, is our beloved in-residence priest who loves to bake!) I’m a firm believer that community can be cultivated around food, so baking every Tuesday night for the past three years has allowed me to form incredible relationships (and satisfy my sweet tooth cravings.) If I’m not baking, you can probably find me listening to podcasts, running (preferably near a body of water), having life chats with friends, reading, and searching for the best cup of hot chocolate. I spent last semester in Dublin and am currently in D.C. for the summer, so I cannot wait to return to campus and welcome you all to your new home under the Dome! Feel free to send podcasts recommendations, share your favorite recipe, or just say hello (mcarrol9@nd.edu)! Until then, know how excited I am to do life with all of you! Go Irish! Go Wildcats!


Erin McGuire – 3A (Rooms 300-332)


erinHi ‘cats! My name is Erin McGuire and I’m so pumped to serve as an RA next year! I’m a marketing major with a minor in Collaborative Innovation. My dad’s in the Army so I don’t really have a hometown (makes the ND introduction interesting). We currently live in Wiesbaden, Germany so I’ve spent my breaks trying to get by without speaking any German. Now my family is moving to San Antonio, Texas so I hope to pick up some Texan slang. I come from a very ND family and have a brother here now. One of my favorite things is seeing him on campus and my siblings when they visit.On campus I love being involved with any and all sports. I play Ryan interhall sports, work for Club Sports and athletics marketing at a variety of sporting events, and love cheering on the Irish. I also recently became a hockey fan so if you wanna chat about your favorite NHL team I’m down! I have an unhealthy addiction to Starbucks iced coffee and spend a lot of my time and flex points there. I have loved my time in Ryan and am so, so grateful for the opportunity to serve the dorm next year. I love every aspect of the dorm life from our Sunday Masses to Fj’s and flag football. Ryan is such an amazing community full of wonderful people that I have cherished during my time at Notre Dame. I can’t wait to get to know all of you lovely women better next year!


Kailey Cavanaugh – 3B (Rooms 335-363)


Hey y’all!! I’m Kailey Cavanaugh, and I couldn’t be more pumped to be an RA in Ryan Hall next year! I have been so blessed to call Ryan my home at ND, and I can’t wait to see what big things God has in store for the hall. This place is so much more than a dorm to me, because it’s filled with so many loving people. About me – I’m a proud Texan, and am from Austin. I hope to end up living there again one day because I love it so much. I’m majoring in Finance and minoring in the Hesburgh Program for Public Service just for kicks. I’m thinking I’d like to do wealth management after graduation but we’ll see what the Lord has in store. I’m a huge fan of study abroad, too. Last semester I was in London and I totally thrived. If you get the chance to study abroad, go!! The world is your oyster!! At ND, I tend to be super-involved because I love being busy and I love people. This year, I’m a Young Life College Leader, volunteer at the Women’s Care Center, and Girls on the Run Coach at the local Boys and Girls Club. Meeting new people and trying new things gives me loads of energy. I love kids and being outside in the sunshine. When I do have free time, I chill with friends, eat, nap, watch Quantico or New Girl or Riverdale, go for a run, and call my mom (she’s the goat). I can’t believe I get to be an RA next year and I’m excited to see how Ryan continues to be a boppin’ and fun-filled home for us all. If I haven’t met you yet and you see me in the hallway, please say hi!! I meant what I said earlier- I love meeting new people and would love to meet you!!! Next year is gonna be a blast. I’m so excited for it & y’all should be, too!! Go cats & go Irish!