June 7, 2017

Greetings from beautiful Notre Dame where the sun is shining on the dome against a clear blue sky and letting everyone know this is a very special place.  I miss all of you.

Our new ACE teachers arrived on campus last Friday as they have begun an intense eight weeks of learning how to be teach.  It is good to see Shawn Hall, Anna Bourbonais, Emily Tesitore, Maddie Felts and MK Williams.  They have an intense schedule this week as they have class from 8:30 am until 8:15pm with breaks for lunch and dinner.  They are tired and feel they are learning a lot.

I heard from Anna Murray who is in Morocco for a Notre Dame program that lasts three weeks so she will be returning to California this weekend.

Emma Sheedy arrived in Bududa, Uganda a few days ago and is involved in meeting people and talking about having healthy habits like making sure they have smoke ventilation in their kitchens and mosquito nets for sleeping.

This past weekend was for reunions of any class whose year of graduation ended in 2 or 7.  This means that the Class of 1972 lived in Ryan while the Class of 2012 was in Stanford.  They figure the older graduates would not cause any damage so they stayed in Ryan.  There were a lot of events that brought people together.  Many young graduates told me to remind you that it is important to appreciate Notre Dame and get as much as you can by being involved in activities.  You have a special opportunity at Notre Dame to grow and develop because you are surrounded by the greatest people you will ever know.

I was impressed this year in our section discussions on Tuesdays about how important it is to discover your passion.  Many students have learned that there are needs in the world and that your intelligence and talents can make a difference.  Most of this has been learned through great conversations, doing service and study abroad.  Think about the things you may want to do next year.  Think about the great women of Ryan who just graduated and the amazing things they are doing.  Our Rhodes Scholar, Lexi Doyle, is an example for us of making a decision to  do something to make our world a little better.

I would love hearing from any of you and what you are doing this summer.  There are some of you who have internships and others who are doing volunteer work as camp counselors or with direct service to the poor.  Become your best selves during the summer.  Know that I am praying that you are continuing to grow and becoming your best selves.

Love you!



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