May 3, 2017

Congratulations!  You have completed the classwork for this semester.  It is now time to prepare for Final Exams and complete those papers that are do. I have seen how everyone has worked hard and I remind you to be confident and believe that you will do well.

There are many things you can control during the next week and there are some things you have no control over.

Let us look at what you can control. You have the ability to set a balanced schedule in which you study, sleep, eat, exercise and spend time praying and reflecting on what is important. Plan how you want to approach your days and be faithful to what you decide upon.  It is not a good idea to get out of balance because it will just cause you to be stressed and worried.

There are many things that you do not have control over and these often times have nothing to do with Final Exams.

We will be saying good bye to our seniors, juniors going abroad in the Fall and just being away from Notre Dame for three months.

Let us, however look at the RA’s who will be graduating from Notre Dame on May 20th.

Anna Bourbonais transferred to Notre Dame and is sweet, kind and generous.  She has a quiet presence that can move mountains.  She loves everyone she encounters.

Cathy Baxter also transferred to Notre and is enthusiastic, loving and passionate about Pure Michigan, her family, Club LaCrosse and her dog. Cathy is a pillar of strength.

Shawn Hall walked into my room with her fellow ginger, Erin Hanahoe, and wanted to bake.  Shawn is humble, devoted to her friends and shows love by speaking the truth to everyone.  She is “Ms. Ryan Hall Sports” and that drives her to reach out to everyone and get them involved in all athletic events.

Katie Arndorfer is sincere, focused and all about love of Christ and everyone at Notre Dame.  She is a gifted writer who connects student life to the gospel and she is not afraid to step out of her comfort zone.

Lexi Doyle is intelligent, strong, passionate and devoted to her friends.  She has so many talents and she is the most humble person I know.

Emily Tessitore is kind, caring and generous and she is a talented athlete.  She makes everyone feel safe and secure.

It hurts to say good bye to people we love.  Accept that as part of the stress we are feeling and instead of fighting it, accept it as what it means to love others.  I am praying for you.

Love you!



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