March 29, 2017

This is the beginning of the end of the academic year.  There are several things going on that you are probably  aware of.  Last night was the final Hall Council meeting under the leadership of Emily Casey, Vanessa Acosta, Jenny Moore and Grace Seibert.  Room Picks will be next week.  This is the time that we experience many bittersweet moments.

Thank you to the many commissioners who have worked to build community.  You may not get the headlines, but your work has built community for Ryan Hall.

Let me thank each of the officers.

Emily Casey has led by being steady and delegating responsibilities.  She never seems to be flustered which is a quality that good leaders have.

Vanessa Acosta served this semester as Vice-President.  She took over after Grace Weisend left in December to study abroad.  Vanessa brought excitement to the team and is a great ambassador for all things having to do with Ryan Hall.

Jenny Moore is the treasurer who kept us solvent.  She is interesting in this role because she does not like the study of Accounting.  She is a good PR person for all things Ryan because she loves living here and tells everyone about how this is our home where people love one another.

Grace Seibert is the secretary and I depend on her in getting this blog posted every week.  She is dependable and very calm.  I love everyone, but Grace has a special place in my heart.

Let us think about the other big thing going on next week.  It is time for Room Picks.  Many friends ask me if there is a lot of drama during Room Picks in a woman’s hall.  I tell them I saw much more during 20 years of being in Dillon.  I have seen kindness and good communication here during this time.  I hope that everyone realizes that you will get a room and they are all nice in Ryan Hall.  I was talking to a student from another hall who has been accepted to move in who is doing this because she feels that there is more community here than where she lives.

My message is to be good to each other and know that everything will work out.

I was in Florida last week for an ACE Retreat and will be going to South Texas for another this weekend. I love doing these retreats, but I do miss being here in Ryan because I love all of you.  I will especially miss being here for the Holy Half.  Good luck to everyone who plan to run and know that I am praying for you.

I hope your Lent is going well.  Remember that whatever you are doing is to help you grow closer to Christ and preparing to renew your Baptismal promises on Easter Sunday.  I am praying for you.

Love you!



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