March 22, 2017

Greetings and welcome back to Ryan Hall and the last quarter of this academic year.  Spring is here according to the calendar, but it is not quite here temperature wise. It is good that we are here and I hope everyone is doing well.

I know that seniors do not like to think about the “G” word, but we eventually have to face that it will be coming.  I think that it is important to say good bye to the members of the class of 2017 and to make sure that we spend quality time with one another. There are great women who will be going to the next phase of their life journey and we need to honor them for being such a positive presence in our lives.  Reach out to your friends and let them know how much you appreciate them.

Last night was a big night for five women in Ryan Hall and one who graduated last year as they learned about where they will be teaching as part of the ACE program.  It is amazing that six Ryan women will be teachers in Catholic Schools next year.

Anna Bourbonais will be teaching high school English in Oakland, Ca.

Shawn Hall will be teaching middle school Science in Indianapolis, In.

Maddie Felts will be teaching high school History in Dallas, Texas.

MK Williams will be teaching high school Math in Los Angles, Ca.

Emily Tessitore will be teaching fifth grade in Los Angles, Ca.

Emma Flemming of the class of 2016 will teaching fourth grade in Stockton, Ca.

I am excited for our ACE teachers as well as everyone else who have many opportunities after graduation.  I also think about people who do not have a job offer or acceptance to graduate school.  I have had an experience this week that brings this home to me.  Let me explain by a personal story.

The Admissions Office sent out acceptance and rejection letters.  My great nephew applied and learned that he will not be a member of the Notre Dame class of 2021.  I was looking forward to him being on campus.  Everyone in my family who has applied to Notre Dame has received acceptance and this goes back to 1928 when my father came. This was followed by me and  then seven nieces and nephews.  It is disappointing for my family, but I think this is an opportunity to learn.  I believe that every disappointment is an opportunity to grow and learn something about ourselves.  Nothing is guaranteed in life and we are definitely called to learn from our challenges and even our failures.

Believe in yourselves and do your best and know that you can learn and grow.  I am praying for you and hope this week goes well.

Love you!



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