February 1, 2017


Happy February! This is the shortest month of the year, but can seem like the longest. We are tempted to think that winter is over, but it hangs on and Spring Break seems far away. Try to make sure you are getting enough sleep, exercise and that you are eating good meals. This is a time to bring balance in your life and also remember to spend quality time with friends. This will help this month be a good one.

This Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday and we are having Mass at 4pm with our brother dorm at Duncan Hall. Please note the time change and that there will not be a 10pm Mass in Ryan. We hope that we will have a big turnout.

I want to tell you about a wonderful opportunity in August to spend nine days in Ireland by participating in the Inside Track Program. This is an immersion into the athletic, political, religious life and to learn about Ireland and the challenges they have face as a country. There are many Ryan women who have participated the last few years and I was able to go as the Chaplain. It was my first trip to Ireland and I absolutely loved the trip. I will be going again this summer and hope that we will have a nice group from Ryan who come this year. It is a one credit course which means you attend a lecture on Ireland during this semester, fly to Ireland on August 4 and participate in all of the events and return home on August 13 or do further traveling on your own. Let me know if you are interested.

I think that we all should be praying for our country in these challenging days. The Catholic Church has been speaking out about the importance of our being a welcoming people especially for refugees and other immigrants. We also need to look at how we accept each other. This comes about by practicing the virtue of charity. This enables us to see that if we call ourselves “Christian”, we need to imitate Jesus in many different ways. One might ask, how can I show my actions and words to be similar to Jesus? We need to read the gospels, pick out a few of your favorite stories and act in a similar way.

Let me give you an example. I love going to Starbucks and when I go, I buy a drink for people from Ryan and people I do not know. I will sometimes ask the person behind me, what drink are you getting? They often look at me in a strange way and then I say, “I am going to pay for your drink.” Some people say “no, you don’t have to.” I insist and some people say, “I will do the same thing when I come back. I will pay it forward.”

We will make a difference in the Notre Dame community by simple acts of kindness and this will lead us to kind and gentle and loving of others. This is how the world will become a better place. I hope all of us will show love and be accepting of each other. This is how we will be Christians. I am praying for you and I want you to know I love you!

Love you!



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