January 25, 2017


Congratulations! You survived syllabus week. You are now moving into the rhythm of the 2017 Spring Semester which means that the work will begin to pick up and the tests, quizzes, papers and research will be picking up. I hope that we can all learn to handle this semester. Live a balanced life so you can reduce stress, achieve your goals, have great relationships and get the most out of your Notre Dame experience.

Congratulations to Sophomores who learned yesterday where they will study abroad. I hope you were able to get your first choice and you will have an amazing experience. I know some of you did not get your first choice or may not have been accepted to any program. If that is your situation, know that you can apply through other schools. Saint Mary’s College has study abroad programs in Dublin and Rome as well as others.

There are summer programs which several Ryan women have studied at which has worked out well. There are opportunities for five or six weeks and a three week Creative Writing program in Ireland and a nine day immersion into Ireland. I went on Inside Track last year and will be returning to this August.

I do not know what you thought about the Women’s March last weekend or the Right to Life one this weekend. These marches are not just political, but they are an opportunity to witness to what we believe in. I like to look at them from the perspective of God’s creative love. God created everything based on love and looked at all of creation as good. God created man and woman and saw human life as very good. Love brings forth life and there is dignity and value to all life because it is a reflection of God who is love.

Let us take a look at the March that was held in Washington, DC and many cities around the country and world. There was even one in South Bend. I looked upon this as an expression what Notre Dame proclaims. All women are a reflection of God and are of value and really matter.

The Right to Life March is important because it is witnessing to the dignity and worth of all of life from the moment of conception to natural death. We are called to cherish and protect the most vulnerable among us and it is good that 700 students, faculty and staff from Notre Dame, Saint Mary’s College and Holy Cross College are participating. Everyone is witnessing to our call to cherish and respect all life.

I hope those who marched last week and those going this week know of our love and support for them. Thank you for witnessing to God’s love that our world needs to see. Let us pray for one another and see that God’s love is the gift of everyone and we are called to share it.

Love you!



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