December 14, 2016

It is really cold, but our hearts are warm with the love of this Ryan Community and the many ways that everyone shares love and support. I heard of two mothers who did some amazing things for their daughters and their friends. Cathy Baxter’s mother made cute stockings filled with goodies for Cathy’s friends while Kitty Korth’s Mom made care packages for Kitty and her friends.  That is nice because it shows that families are involved in the Notre Dame experience.

This week is at the half way point and I thought this morning that all of you will be gone by the end of the week.  It is good that you will have completed this semester, but I will miss everyone a lot.  Maddie Felts reminded me that this is a month vacation and I look forward to a slower schedule and some time with my family in Michigan and California, but the center of my life is Ryan Hall.

I need to thank many people who work behind the scenes to help us have a wonderful life in Ryan Hall.

Grace Siebert is our Ryan Hall Secretary.  I write this Blog every week and she posts it.  I appreciate her for keeping us informed abut many things.

Mary Carroll is one of the most generous of all the women of Ryan Hall.  She helped get people registered to vote and she helps by baking and cleaning up on Tuesday nights. I appreciate what she does.

There are about 20 bakers who are creative and generous and who make so many delicious cookies, brownies and cupcakes every week.  I could not do what we have every Tuesday  without all of this help.  Everyone is always welcome to come and bake and all you have to do is show up with an idea.  I have almost everything you will need.

I appreciate the Band of St. Ann’s which enables us to pray every Sunday.  They prepare and have a rehearsal before Mass and want everyone know they are welcome to join next semester.

We have so many women who are Readers and Eucharistic Ministers at Mass.  They witness to their faith as they proclaim the word of God and share Christ in the Eucharist.

We all have a beautiful home because of the hard work of Cathy and Carmen.  They arrive here every morning about 6:30 and do many things that we appreciate.  I see them arrive when it is dark and cold during these winter months.

Finish well and be sure to spread the love we have to everyone you meet.  May you experience the love and the joy of Jesus who comes into the world to  show us how to love and care for each other.  You are in my prayers.

Love you!



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