November 16, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving to you, your parents and your families.  I love the celebration of Thanksgiving because we place the emphasis on the people we love and come together and share a meal.

We will celebrate Thanksgiving as the Ryan Hall Community on Sunday.  This is one of the great events of the year because we are together and everyone contributes to the meal. I hope you are able to be present for this great event.

Sunday is also the championship game for the Championship Flag Football game between Ryan and Welsh Family.  This is a game between cousin dorms because Shirley Ryan and Bob Welsh are brother and sister.  This will be the second time in four years that Ryan has played in the Championship game.  We played PW when the seniors were freshmen and we lost in a close and exciting game. I hope we have a big crowd Ryan women cheering on our wildcats.

I went to San Antonio for ACE and to watch the Irish win in the Army game. I would recommend that if you ever get the chance that you visit San Antonio.  There is a lot to do and you can eat the best Mexican food.  I was able to attend the class of Megan Schilling.  It was a great experience and her students are amazing.  She sends her love to the women of Ryan Hall.

We are all thankful that the elections are over because the campaigns were divisive for everyone.  We now face many challenges which we need to know how to face.  Some of the ACE teachers have students who are afraid of the threat being deported.  Fear is around everywhere and even on our campus.

There was a beautiful Ecumenical Prayer Service led by Father Jenkins  that was held in front of the statue of the Women at the Well in front of O’Shaughnessy Hall. The story of this encounter is in John’s Gospel, Chapter Four.  Jesus meets the Samaritan Women at a Well and asks her for a drink of water.  This may not seem like a big deal, but Jews do not speak to Samaritans.  There should not be a conversation between a man and women, but Jesus asks for a drink.  They engage in a conversation and Jesus offers the woman living water.  Jesus is offering his love.  This story illustrates that we need to be involved in conversation which is motivated by love.

Let us pray for our country, our elected officials and that the love of God will bring a calming presence to our lives.  Let us say no to discrimination, hatred and violence.  May our celebrations of thanksgiving allow us to bring love to Ryan Hall, our families and friends.  Let us practice simple acts of kindness for our friends and strangers.

Love you!



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