November 2, 2016

We won a football game last Saturday!  It makes a difference in the mood of everyone on campus when we win.  I hope that it continues.

This is an exciting day for the fans of both the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians as they play the seventh and deciding game of the World Series. The Cubs have not won the World Series since 1908 and the Indians since 1948.  The fans of both teams have been long suffering.

I have been thinking how good it is that so many Ryan seniors chose to live on campus this year.  We have great RA’s and others who provide leadership in many ways.  Let me tell you about four of them.

Theresa Finneran is generous and helpful to anyone who asks for her help.  I wonder if she ever says “no” to requests.  Let me tell you the ways that she contributes to Ryan.  T Finny is a baker and she helps carry in the groceries on Tuesdays.  She helps with the Waffles on Wednesdays and she is always willing to listen to a friend.  T Finny has three sisters and her oldest, Megan, lived in Ryan Hall.

Maddie Felts is a baker and makes the chocolate chip Oreo cookie bar for Tuesdays.  This is a favorite among the women of Ryan.  Maddie is an ACE Intern which means that she is accepted as an ACE teacher and helps in the recruiting of future ACE teachers.  Contact Maddie if you want to learn anything about ACE.

Christina Fernandez was the President of Ryan Hall last year and this year is the leader of the Hall President’s Council.  She is a person who gets things done at Notre Dame and has hosted prospective students.  Christina has one of the most interesting stories about her decision to attend Notre Dame.  She could not decide between staying home and attending Miami or coming to Notre Dame.  We won and we are better because she is here.

Caroline Genco is a transfer student to Notre Dame.  She started at Saint Mary’s College and then applied and was accepted and moved into Ryan Hall.  Caroline is a classy young woman who is interested in many things and always brings joy to a conversation.

I hope and pray that many juniors will choose to continue to live in Ryan.  We need the leadership of everyone to build our great community.

I am praying for all of you that you will appreciate all that Notre Dame and Ryan offers.  Your presence here is very much appreciated.

Love you!



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