October 26, 2016

Welcome back to Ryan Hall!  It was a good week for everyone to step away from our normal routine and get prepared for the rest of the semester.  It seems like many people still have exams going on. I always think that mid-semester exams can be more stressful than finals because you do not have classes to attend while taking tests.

I had the honor during Fall Break to travel to Baltimore for the wedding of Kate Albertini and Greg Naylor. Kate was a resident of Ryan Hall in the first year and she and her friends loved  Tuesday night cookies. The wedding was a mini reunion as eight women of the Class of 2013 came and it was good to hear about the amazing things that these women are doing.  I can assure you there is life after Notre Dame.

I love weddings because I get to see the impact Community life has for people who have attended Notre Dame.  We talk about it and I can see we live it as well.  Think about the people you work with, eat with and hang out with.  These are becoming important people in your lives and I can assure you these are the people who will be with you every step of your life journey.  We all experience great moments in our lives and we also have many challenges that come along as well.  This is where our friends and family come in to provide love and support.  I think we love having people to celebrate birthdays and other great times and we also want to have people we can count on when things are difficult. We are fortunate that community is an important value of life here at Notre Dame and in Ryan Hall.

This week is Breast Cancer Awareness Week in Ryan Hall.  Meghan Crowley and Mads Buynak have been letting us know of the many events that can help us all be aware of and provide support for people who are Cancer Survivors and those who have died.  We can also be aware of the people who are caregivers also.  Mass tonight will be offered for any of our relatives and friends who have been affected by Breast Cancer.  This hit close to us in Ryan Hall during our first year.  There was a freshman that year who had Breast Cancer and went through treatment during that year.  She is a survivor, but it made everyone aware that this illness can strike anyone.  This brave woman was featured in a “What would you fight for” commercial that was on TV during a football game.  I am happy to report that she is married and had a baby last summer.  Let us pray together for the healing of people and for the research that is going on at Notre Dame to eliminate this disease.

I know that it is not fun to see our football team lose five games this year.  This is where our team needs us to support and encourage them.  Remember, WE ARE ND!

I am praying for you and appreciate all of you.

Love you!




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