October 12, 2016

You have almost made it to Fall Break.  This is an exciting time for freshmen who will go home for the first time since arriving at Notre Dame in August.  There are amazing plans that include trips abroad, service in various places in Appalachia and just spending time sleeping and relaxing.  I hope whatever your plans that you have a beautiful time and above all safe travels.

I am excited about this Fall Break because I have a very special wedding on October 22nd.  Kate Albertini became a resident in Ryan in August, 2009.  This was our first year and she was a member of the first class that lived here for four years.  She was part of a group that called themselves “the couch crew.”  They loved Tuesdays and discussed many life issues.  They were responsible for starting the Ryan tradition of Thanksgiving dinner because we started as a 2A celebration and then it expanded to the whole hall.  Kate’s wedding party is comprised of 6 women who lived in Ryan.  It will be a great reunion.

Kate is a role model for everyone who does not meet her future spouse while a student at Notre Dame.  She is marrying a Notre Dame graduate but he graduated in 2009 so they never met here.  They met through the Notre Dame Club of Baltimore.  This is an example that you have to be patient and do not expect to be ready to marry right after college.

I want to share another story about the importance of Community.  MK Williams ran in the Chicago Marathon last Sunday.  She had trained hard and her friends were very supportive of her and went to cheer her on.  They said that MK was really into the race and had a smile on her face the entire time.  It was at about mile 11 that Maddie Felts, Nasty and Katie Berens decided to join MK and ran 15 miles with her.  This is a great example of love and support that is really amazing.  It is one thing to cheer for someone, but to run 15 miles is really showing love and support.

This is one example of people who live community by how they love others.  I see it and feel it all the time.  Here is a little story from Anna Murray who is a freshman in 2A.  Anna was excited last week when her roommate found out that she made the Rowing Team.  It is nice to see Anna showing great love and support for her roommate.

I know that Mary Carroll does not like attention, but yesterday was her 20th birthday. If I wanted to define the word, “generous,” I would put a picture of Mary next to the word.  She baked last night and she cleaned up.  She is open to meeting and knowing people and she has many friends.  Mary Carroll is not the only person in Ryan who is generous and this is what makes this such a special place to live.

Have a wonderful Fall Break!  Come back refreshed and renewed for the second half of the semester.  I am praying for you.

Love you!



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