September 28, 2016

I am writing this from my Delta Flight on my way to Oklahoma City to visit ACE teachers. These visits are important to be able to love and support our teachers. I miss all of you and will not be able to meet your mothers. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

I went to my first Ryan Hall B Flag Football game on Monday. This is a totally different experience from the A games because we were the team that had the “Mercy Rule” applied to us. The A team has won three of four games as a result of that rule. So, we were on the other end.

There are Ryan women who are seniors as well as underclass on the B team. They play for having fun. They enjoy being with each other and it is nice to see everyone happy and appreciate the time just being together. The B games are stress free on the part of the Ryan team. They remind me of our first year in Ryan when our A team won only one game. They made a decision to be dedicated to just enjoying being Ryan Hall.

I bring this up because there are so much stress that we put on ourselves at Notre Dame. We want to be #1 in everything and I have noticed over many years that when the ND football team loses that everyone feels bad. We can become critical of coaches and players. I want us to win, but it is ultimately just a game. We may need a little of the attitude of Lauren Janek, Ehoe, Nasty and the rest of the B team.

I have a great love of Tuesday nights in Ryan and I think it is great that the woman of Ryan invite friends from other halls to come to join in our celebration. Every Tuesday is a night to celebrate that we are a community and we love everyone. The food is a great source of it. I have to tell you that there are so many people who make this so special. I could never do this without the help of so many great women of Ryan. There are people from every class who contributes and there are some people who just come and hang out and encourage the bakers. This is a great community event and other than Mass, this is what I love. Sara Thoms, our AR in Room 300, loves coming and cannot figure out why I am not exhausted. My answer is that I love bringing people together and helping you all to enjoy your life at Notre Dame and in Ryan Hall.

I told 3A last night that I think you are what make Notre Dame a quality place. You are intelligent, generous, passionate about life and you support and love each other in so many great ways. This is why I love all of you and pray for you daily.

Love you!



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