September 14, 2016


Last week was the warmup for football and this week will be a big deal because Michigan State is coming to play. They are a really tough team and they will bring lots of fans all wearing their green and white. I have always liked MSU better than the University of Michigan because we have had a long history. Get your work done early this week because the game is a night game and everyone will be very tired on Sunday.

Have you every thought how busy you are and how every week the work load picks up. This is a time when many people get sick because their life is not balanced and they tend to get little sleep, exercise and healthy meals. This is the time to check on how you are living.

I read an article about Urban Myer who is the Ohio State football coach. He has been extremely successful in winning National Championships, but he has done this at the expense of his life. He told the interviewer that he was so driven to be perfect that he spent very little time taking care of himself and did not ever get away from coaching. He has suffered and so has his family. He admits that he burned out and in fact thought that he was having a heart attack. He learned the stress of his work was ruining his life and he needed to make significant changes.

He had a meeting with his family before he took the Ohio State job and agreed to make changes. He prays every day, talks to people he trusts and has learned to ask for help. This has helped him gain his humanity and understand the meaning of life.

Last night was a wonderful night when the Transfers came to talk about how their life is since they have transferred to Notre Dame. This group of woman are to be admired as they have preserved in pursuing their dream of attending Notre Dame. Most of these students applied as high school students and were rejected which does not create warm feelings for the place and many tears. I admire them because they did not give up on achieving their dream of being here. I think you can learn a lot about person in how she deals with a rejection. These students went to other schools, studied hard and were accepted. A transfer student is a person to be admired because they did not give up and they are here and love Notre Dame.

I hope we are all open to knowing our new Notre Dame students and that we get the opportunity to know and love them. Our community is welcoming and open to everyone. I hope that we are open to getting to know people. We are better because we have each other. It is the Ryan way of life.

Know that you are in my prayers and that I love you. Have a good weekend and Go Irish!

Love you!



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