September 7, 2016


I love Tuesday nights in Ryan when many generous and talented women come and bake to

have great food and provide opportunities to gather with new and old friends. It is what makes

this our home. Someone asked if we are having an identity crisis because we are no longer the

newest and most beautiful hall. I said from day one in August of 2009 that we are not Hotel

Ryan and that the beauty here is because of the residents. It still is true today because all of

you are so involved in many different ways at Notre Dame. Remember, it is not about a

building. It is about each of you.

I left this morning for a trip to Tulsa to visit our ACE teachers. I will be back Friday night

because Saturday is a big day. Grace Choe graduated from Notre Dame last May and lived in

Ryan. She is a first year ACE teacher living in community with three other teachers. Grace is

teaching second grade and I will have the opportunity to watch her teach.

The football game on Sunday night was exciting, but the outcome was disappointing. That is

the past and we have to move on from it. This Saturday is the first home game and it will be a

big moment for first year students and transfers who will experience their first Notre Dame

football game as a student. You get four years to experience this and I hope you appreciate

everything about it. There are certain things to remember, but the most important is to make

good decisions. Let me explain by telling you a story.

When I was the Rector of Dillon, we had some great teams and won the National Championship

in 1988. I use to tape the games then. There was a student who came to me the Sunday after a

game and asked if he could watch my tape of the game. He said he wanted to experience the

thrill of the win. It was interesting that he approached me because I wanted to talk to him

because I knew he had so much to drink that he got kicked out of the stadium for being drunk.

He was young and a first year student and made a big mistake and learned from it.

My point here is to make sure you are able to have a great experience and enjoy the

excitement of the game. It is much better than the alternative. Remember, a football weekend

is a marathon and not a sprint and the bottom line is that you are a student who has a lot of

work to do.

Go to the Pep Rally on Friday and the Drummers Circle at midnight at the Dome and take in the

many things going on. Be smart, enjoy yourself and be proud to that you are a Notre Dame


Know that I am praying for you from Tulsa and every day. Get the most out of your Notre

Dame experience. Go Irish!

Love you!



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