August 31, 2016

August 31, 2016

We have entered the second week of classes and the work is becoming the reality of what

Notre Dame is all about. Some Seniors were saying they wish they could just “hang out” with friends and not attend class. Unfortunately, this is just not reality and misses the fact that everyone is here to learn and grow into the the great person God has called you to become.

I know there are many people who are doing great things here. Let me tell you about some of these people.

MK Williams is a Senior who has gone to Illinois to the Illinois School for the Blind. She is in a class that will teach blind students how to use a computer. They are meeting the students today and tomorrow and will work with them online and most of the time. It is amazing to think about what they will accomplish for the students and how MK and her classmates will grow through this experience. It is in our giving for others that we become the best persons God has called us to be.

Maddie Felts and Anna Bourbonnais are seniors who are ACE Interns. This means that they work to promote the Alliance for Catholic Education which is two year commitment to teach in Catholic Schools which when they complete will receive a Master degree in Education. Maddie and Anna have been selected to teach in the 24 th cohort of ACE, but do not know where they will be until March. If you want to know more about ACE, speak with Maddie, Anna or me.

Caroline Genco and Christina Hernandez are seniors who are good friends and who had internships in Dallas during the summer. You may recall when five Dallas policemen were killed. This happened near where Caroline was living so she moved to another apartment where Christina was living. Friendships that are developed in Ryan can be very helpful.

I went to Ireland during the summer with 100 Notre Dame undergrads including eight Ryan residents. I loved this immersion into a variety of aspects of life there. I was with Anne Lawler, Monica Coundouriotis, Julia Corr, Kailey Cavanaugh, Maria Gund, Anne McCarter, Bailey Boesch and Bridget Geyer who is a new resident in Ryan. I was surprised one day when Moira Griffith showed up. She had participated in a three week Creative Writing Course in Ireland and had stayed over a few days to see her friends. If you want to learn more about study abroad in the summer, speak with any of these Sophomores.

I hope the transition to Notre Dame is going well for first year students and transfers and for returners. Take advantage of every day and every experience that you have here at Notre Dame. Become your best self and a great friends.

Have a good week, enjoy the Texas game and Go Irish! Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. Love you!



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