August 24, 2016

It is so good to have everyone back to Ryan Hall and to welcome our 78 First Year students and 13 transfers. Together we move forward building community every day. Most of you say that you came to Notre Dame for community which is what makes your presence so special.

There is a lot that is the same, but much is new as well. We are happy to welcome our new Head Staff. Our Rector is Allyse Gruslin who graduated from Notre Dame last May with a Master of Divinity Degree. Allyse served as Assistant Rector in Lyons Hall and is a friend of Lillie Romesier. She is also engaged to Chris who is a second year Master of Divinity student. Allyse is excited to be serving us and she looks forward to getting to know all of you.

Meredith Holland is a Notre Dame graduate and is beginning her second year of Law School. She will be guiding our Hall Government.

Sara Thoms is a graduate of Villanova and is in second year of the MDiv. Program. She will be overseeing the Spiritual Life of all of us.

We are fortunate to have great women who are the RA’s this year. Let me tell you something about each of them.

Anna Bourbonais is in 1A and is kind and considerate. She is devoted to service and is an ACE Intern which means she wants to help all of you know more about this two year teaching program. Anna will be an ACE teacher next year and will not know where she will be until next March.

Cathy Baxter is in 1B and she is known for her energy and enthusiasm for all things Ryan. She plays Ryan football and Club Lacrosse. You can count on the loving kindness that Cathy brings to every situation.

Shawn Hall is in 2A and is a huge presence in all Ryan Hall sports and she loves Ireland. Shawnie is known for her baking skills and even has a Youtube video that was made when she was 12. It is called “Baking with the gals” and lets you see a young Shawn who has grown into a great young woman.

Katie Arndorfer is in 2B and is a faith filled woman and is a sincere and loving woman who listens to people and treats every person that they matter. Talk and to Katie and you will feel good about yourself.

Lexi Doyle is in 3A and is small in stature and powerful in her faith and values as she cares about many different issues. The most important is health of the poor and ways to improve the environment. She was accepted to Med School during her Sophomore year and wants to work in public health.

Moira Horn is in 3B and is a talented and gifted musician. You can see Moira with her cello and you see one part of her. She is also interested in becoming a physician who will make a difference in women’s health.

Have a good beginning to this new year and know you are in my prayers.

Love you!




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